Arbitrage Calculator

Hedge bet calculators are critical in sports betting, as they show you how to reduce risk.

Expected Value Calculator

The OddsJam expected value calculator (EV calculator) determines your profit margin over the sportsbook for a given wager. The expected value calculator requires three inputs: your stake, the odds of your wager, and the implied win percentage of your bet.

Bonus Bet Conversion Calculator

A bonus bet calculator, or bonus bet conversion calculator, determines the rate at which you can turn a bonus bet into cash. As part of many promotions and sign-up bonuses, US and Canadian sportsbooks offer "bonus bets," or freeplays.

Half Point Calculator

This sports betting calculator lets you compare the value of buying or selling half a point in major sports leagues. The half point calculator is used by beginner and advanced sports bettors to find value.

Hold Calculator

The OddsJam hold calculator shows you the spread between both sides of a game using the best available sportsbook odds.

Implied Probability Calculator

The implied probability calculator helps bettors compare the implied probability of a betting market against the actual “fair” probability of that market.

Kelly Calculator

A Kelly Criterion sports betting calculator can be used to manage your sports betting bankroll and determine optimal bet sizing.

No-Vig Fair Odds Calculator

A no vig fair odds calculator is used to back out "fair" odds from a market. This tool can be used to compare markets and odds, as well as find the implied win percentages for a given team.

Odds Converter Calculator

The OddsJam odds converter makes it easy to switch between decimal odds, American odds, and fractional odds. Many bookmakers support all three odds formats. Of course, in the US, American odds are the most common.

Parlay Calculator

To use the OddsJam parlay calculator, simply input the odds for each leg of your parlay. The calculator will determine the final odds, or total payout, of your bet.

Point Spread Calculator

This sports betting calculator helps bettors compare moneyline odds and point spread odds. To use the OddsJam point spread calculator, simply enter the point spread for an NFL, NBA or NCAA Football game. The point spread calculator will determine the implied moneyline odds for the game using historical data.

Poisson Calculator

A Poisson calculator is utilized by sharp bettors to determine the probability of a particular prop bet hitting.

Round Robin Calculator

Round robins are combinations of parlay bets.

Vig Calculator

Using a vig calculator is easy. Simply enter the odds for both sides of a wager to determine the juice or "vig" of a given sportsbook.