OddsJam’s FREE Bet Tracker

OddsJam’s free bet tracker tracks your bets across any sportsbook so you can see the full view of your betting portfolio.

Bet tracker screenshot

A better way to track your bets

Track your bets like the pros and use OddsJam's bet tracker. Add bets with one click and get insights into your performance over time.

Automatic tracking and bet grading

OddsJam's bet tracker automatically tracks the outcome of your bets (win, loss, refund, etc.)

Closing Line Value tracking

OddsJam's bet tracker automatically tracks CLV (closing line values) from the sharpest book in the world so you can see how many times OddsJam’s tools helped you beat the book.

Betting portfolio dashboard

OddsJam gives you insights into your betting track record (your daily/all-time P&L, your ROI, percentage of bets that beat CLV, your most profitable sportsbooks/sports, etc).

Comprehensive bet tracking with one click

Track bets from any sportsbook, track deposit and withdrawals across sportsbooks, all fully integrated in the site and easy to use.