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Toledo vs. Michigan Prediction, Odds, Prop Picks & Parlays – Tuesday, Mar 14

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OddsJam’s NCAAB betting experts take you through the odds, predictions and best prop bets for this college basketball matchup between Toledo vs. Michigan. Tipoff is set for 7:00 p.m. ET / 4:00 p.m. PT.

Toledo vs. Michigan Betting Odds:

Michigan Moneyline-285
Toledo Moneyline+228
Michigan Point Spread-6, -110
Toledo Point Spread+6, -110
ToledoMichigan Over/Under163
Date & TimeMarch 14, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. ET / 4:00 p.m. PT
Odds via Caesars Sportsbook

Toledo vs. Michigan Prediction:

Michigan are predicted to win with a 74.03% implied probability, according to betting markets, for this March 14, 2023 game.

Betting markets are also giving their opponent, Toledo, a 30.49% implied probability to win this game.

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Toledo vs. Michigan Moneyline

  • Michigan are favored at -285 odds vs. Toledo
  • Toledo are a +228 moneyline underdog in this matchup and are +6 on the point spread at -110 odds.

Make sure to line shop and ensure you are getting the best odds in your location. All locations have different sportsbooks

Although Michigan is offered at -285 moneyline odds on Caesars, other online bookmakers in your location may have a better price. Shop for the best NCAAB lines here.

All odds in this NCAAB preview of Toledo vs. Michigan are from the opening lines. Odds can move at any time.

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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

Toledo vs. Michigan Total, Over/Under

  • The total (e.g. over/under) for this matchup between Toledo and Michigan is set at 163, with the over 163 at -110 and the under 163 at -110 odds.

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Toledo vs. Michigan Prop Bets:

Player PointsHunter Dickinson Under 22.5, -137
Player 3-PointersKobe Bufkin Over 1.5, -137
Player AssistsDante Maddox Over 1.5, -137

For Toledo vs. Michigan player points prop bets:

  • Hunter Dickinson Under 22.5 points is set at -137 odds at PrizePicks.

For Toledo vs. Michigan player 3-pointers made prop bets:

  • Kobe Bufkin Over 1.5 3-pointers is at -137 odds at PrizePicks.

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For Toledo vs. Michigan player assists prop bets:

  • Dante Maddox Over 1.5 assists is set at -137 odds at PrizePicks.

Toledo vs. Michigan Same-Game Parlay

Looking for a same-game parlay for Toledo vs. Michigan? We’ve got you covered! Here are the top SGPs for today’s game on PrizePicks.

As a note, you can find similar same-game and one-game parlays for Toledo vs. Michigan at FanDuel, Caesars and BetMGM. Want to learn more on how to bet on same-game parlays? Check out the OddsJam Betting Education Hub!

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Player PointsJett Howard Over 15.5 Player Points
Player AssistsDante Maddox Under 1.5 Player Assists
Player 3-PointersKobe Bufkin Under 1.5 3s

Lines and odds from PrizePicks

For Toledo vs. Michigan on March 14, 2023, there are a variety of same-game parlays (SGPs) that you can wager on.

2-Leg Same-Game Parlay for Toledo vs. Michigan

For example, Jett Howard Over 15.5 player points and Dante Maddox Under 1.5 player assists parlayed together come out to +200 on PrizePicks. 

Similarly, Jett Howard Over 15.5 player points and Kobe Bufkin Under 1.5 3-pointers come out to +200 odds in a two-leg parlay.

If both of these picks for Toledo vs. Michigan win, then you’d profit $200 for every $100 you wager.

3-Leg Same-Game Parlay for Toledo vs. Michigan

If you’re feeling a touch riskier in Toledo vs. Michigan, here’s a Same-Game Parlay pick that comes out to +400 odds. It’s three picks, $100 to win $400.

  1. Jett Howard Over 15.5 player points
  2. Kobe Bufkin Under 1.5 player 3-pointers
  3. Dante Maddox Under 1.5 player assists

This three-leg parlay for March 14, 2023 has a 5:1 payout. 

Toledo vs. Michigan Betting Odds, Over/Under & Point Spreads:

TeamMoneylineOver/UnderPoint Spread
Toledo+228O 163, -110+6, -110
Michigan-285U 163, -110-6, -110
Odds via Caesars Sportsbook


  1. Where can I bet on Same Game Parlays in Toledo vs Michigan?

    A variety of online sportsbooks and DFS operators offer same-game parlays (e.g. SGPs) for Toledo vs. Michigan on March 14, 2023. DraftKings, FanDuel, and Underdog Fantasy all offer SGPs.

  2. What is a one-game parlay for Toledo vs. Michigan on March 14, 2023?

    one-game parlays are identical to same-game parlays. It’s a different term but means the exact same thing. Some sportsbooks offer same-game parlays for Toledo vs. Michigan, and others offer one-game parlays.

  3. Which sportsbook offers the best odds on SGPs and one-game parlays?

    At OddsJam, we always recommend line shopping. Find the best possible odds on all of your SGP and one-game parlay picks with the OddsJam NCAAB Odds Screen!

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