Daukaus vs. Blaydes UFC Betting Preview, Picks, & Predictions March 26th, 2022

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Even though UFC London (Volkov vs. Aspinall) is over, there’s a myriad of fights scheduled for March 26th. The main UFC fight on 3/26 is Chris Daukaus vs. Curtis Blaydes. Below, I’ll cover the UFC betting lines and odds, as well as give my best bets, picks and predictions for the Daukaus vs Blaydes fight.

As seen in the image below, Blaydes is currently a significant favorite in this UFC fight. The best price on Curtis Blaydes is -330 moneyline odds on Caesars sportsbook. For the underdog, Chris Daukaus, the best moneyline price is +290 on FanDuel.

Before giving my UFC prediction, I’ll start off with a preview of the favored fighter, Blaydes (nickname “Razor”). Curtis Blaydes is #4 in the Heavyweight Division – he will enter this fight with a 15-3 record. Blaydes has 10 wins by TKO, as well as 5 wins by decision, so he’s a powerful, yet versatile, fighter – he can win fights in numerous ways and has the stamina to last five rounds. Blaydes is coming off a big win against Rozenstruik, where he won by unanimous decision.

  1. Blaydes has 52% striking accuracy (510 significant strikes landing vs. 990 attempted).
  2. Blaydes has 54% grappling accuracy as well (33 takedowns landed out of 115 attempted).

Chris Daukaus, the underdog in this fight, is ranked #8 in the Heavyweight Division. Daukaus has a 12-4 record, with 11 wins by TKO and 1 win by decision. He’s much less versatile than Blaydes – Daukaus has largely only proven that he can win fights by TKO, and Blaydes is not an easy opponent to finish.

  1. Daukaus boasts a 53% striking accuracy, with 132 significant strikes landed out of 248 attempted. This is very similar to the accuracy for Blaydes.
  2. Chris Daukaus has not attempted a takedown yet.

My UFC prediction is that Blaydes should win this fight pretty easily. I predict that Blaydes will win this fight by TKO. Chris Daukaus is a skilled fighter, but I don’t think he’ll be able to last 5 rounds in the octagon with Blaydes. 

The best bet for this UFC fight is Blaydes by TKO. In my opinion, betting on Blaydes to win by TKO is a better bet than his moneyline since the moneyline odds are incredibly juiced in favor of Blaydes.

Daukaus vs. Blaydes pick: 

Blaydes to win by TKO.

Daukaus vs. Blaydes prediction:

Blaydes will win by TKO in the second or third round.

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