Yankees Lose No. 1 Spot atop Power Rankings

The Yankees no longer hold the No 1. spot atop the Power Rankings. After quite a while on top, the Dodgers surged past the Yankees for the top record in the Majors last week. It is the first time that the Dodgers reach the top position since May 31. The Dodgers isn’t the only team that has risen in the Power Rankings as Los Angeles also leapfrogged the Yankees recently. 

Now that the trade deadline for this season has passed and the postseason games are heating up, let’s see what happened with the top 5 over the last couple of days.

First of all, the Cardinals overtook the Brewers in the NL Central rankings. Then St. Louis is on a massive seven-game winning streak after defeating the Cubs and the Yankees. Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado have stayed fan favorites whilst newcomer Jordan Montgomery has let his former club down with 5 scoreless innings against the Yanks. 

The D-backs dropped from 22nd to 25th, which cannot really be attributed to their performance as the teams below them just had a good week. Then we have had the Twins dropping from 9th to 11th and the Red Sox from 16th to 18th. 

Current Power Rankings Top 5

At the moment the Dodgers are currently topping the charts., followed by the Yankees, the Astros, the Mets, and the Padres.The Dodgers are really killing it with 8 straight wins including a four-game sweep in San Fransisco and a three-game sweep vs. the Padres. The Dodgers have an MLB-best 2.87 ERA and a 2,69 starting rotation ERA, which is almost half a run better than the Major’s next best-starting staff. 

Although the Yankees started the week with a five-game losing streak after being swept this weekend by the Cardinals, they still boast the highest-scoring offense in the Majors League. 

Competing for the best record in the American League, only a half-game below the Yankees, we have the Astros, that went 3-3 last week. Stats are looking solid for the Astros with a starting rotation of 3.13 ERA, an MLB-best 2.68 ERA, and 16-4 in games started by Justin Verlander, who is currently standing at 15-3 with a 1.73 ERA. 

Following the Astros, we have the Mets. Already dominating the NL East and with the return of Jacob deGrom back on the mound, the Mets are on fire. deGrom didn’t disappoint his fans yesterday with his 12-strikeout, winning the Mets’ 70th game and taking four of five in an extended series against the runner-up Braves.  

Last but certainly not least, we have the Padres that bagged the sale of the century with their acquisition of Juan Soto. Although they have gotten a good deal on that one, they probably still need to recover from their loss vs. the Dodgers this weekend, which ended their five-straight win streak. 

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