Astros vs. Angels Player Prop Bets Today – July 13, 2022

<p>AP Photos</p>

AP Photos

Houston Astros (57-29) @ Los Angeles Angels (38-50) Prop Pick

9:38 p.m. ET

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We will have to stay up a little later for this one, but Ohtani is must see TV at this point so we might as well get some action. 

While I like Ohtani pretty much every game to go over, Houston was a bit too tough of a matchup to write about. Instead, I will look to his opponent Cristian Javier. When you look into his game log, you won’t see a very good hit rate. Cristian was a reliever for a large portion of last season, and has 4 appearances out of the pen this season. I will note he only has 12 starts, and several of them were used to stretch him out.

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